Dasso Bamboo Decking
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Dasso Bamboo Decking

A real ecological alternative that preserves tropical forests thanks to the inexhaustible resource of Bamboo.


Revolutionary innovation and DASSO-XTR®. Unique and patented "Fuse Bamboo" heat treatment process that deeply modifies the bamboo fibers to create a new, harder, more resistant material that repels all attacks by bacteria, fungi, insects and microorganisms. More stable and more resistant to fire and pests than any tropical wood.


In addition to being beautiful, these Dasso Bamboo deck boards have superior performance to the best species of tropical wood: Stability, durability, classification, hardness, they break all the records of the most used tropical wood for outdoor floors.

After treatment their color is identical to tropical woods and much more stable over time.


Dasso Bamboo deck boards are pre-oiled on all sides with oil in aqueous solution. It is recommended to apply an additional coat within 4 to 8 weeks after installation, when the pores of the wood are still open, and to maintain your patio once or twice a year in the same way.


All the charm of wood with the exceptional properties of true technological innovation.

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DECK SLATS - Dasso Bamboo Decking

82,80 TTC / m² 69,00 HT / m²


DECK SLATS - Dasso Bamboo Decking

70,80 TTC / m² 59,00 HT / m²