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Real innovation, the Bamboo Flooring has remarkable qualities. Beautiful and healthy, it combines ecology, durability and aesthetics.

Original and authentic, the Bamboo floor brings a touch of exoticism and "peaceful" to your floors. Bamboo flooring has excellent mechanical properties similar to wood.

In addition to its qualities of hardness and resistance, it is known for its originality.

This resource is almost inexhaustible: it grows up to 1 m per day and matures after only 5 years.

ETNIK BAMBOO: Revolutionary technique of assembling bamboo canes. The bamboo cane is opened in half along its length and then flattened using a special process. The knots of the bamboo cane remain unchanged from the origin. They are on the same line, over the entire width of the parquet strip. Naturally dried in the open air, no finish is applied to reveal the authentic character of bamboo cane.

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Bambou Etnik

Hardwood flooring - TROPICAL BAMBOO

58,80 TTC / m² 49,00 HT / m²