How to maintain varnished wood flooring

How to maintain varnished wood flooring

Parquet is a hard-wearing and healthy floor covering. It has been varnished using a high quality product.

The natural look of the wood is strengthened, and taking care of your varnished wood flooring is much easier.

Here is some advice to keep varnished wood flooring impeccable and attractive.

For the first ten days after the parquet floor has been varnished:

•  Do not wet the varnished wood flooring, simply clean it using dry means: sweeping brush, vacuum cleaner

•  Place protective felt padding under the legs of tables and chairs

•  Do not place a rug on the varnished wood flooring until the varnish has completely dried and hardened (8 to 10 days)

•  Do not move heavy furniture on the varnished wood flooring

 From the tenth day after varnishing: 

• Everyday upkeep of varnished wood flooring is carried out by simply vacuum cleaning

• Never throw water onto varnished wood flooring

• Remove difficult stains on varnished wood flooring using a damp sponge and gentle detergent. Never use aggressive, ammonia-based, abrasive or silicone-based detergents which could damage varnished wood flooring

To preserve the impeccable appearance of your varnished parquet floor, a “metallic” shampoo should be applied. This highly protective system is also recommended for use in high traffic locations (varnished floors that are used intensively).

For everyday cleaning: a gentle shampoo for varnished parquet floors will maintain and revive the metallic sheen.

In case of serious dirt stains on varnished parquet: use a specialist stripper for varnished wood flooring and then reapply the metallic shampoo.

In all cases, please refer to the product’s instructions for use.

This advice is based on the best technical knowledge currently available. It is recommended that you test products on a small area before use.

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