How do you oil/wax a wooden floor?

How do you oil/wax a wooden floor?

Oiled/waxed wooden flooring: Natural oil (or wax) for wooden flooring brings out the natural finish of the wood and leaves it covered in a fine protective film. It deeply penetrates the wood’s fibers and allows it to breathe. In addition to its traditional and authentic appearance, a wooden floor treated with oil offers numerous advantages. In particular, it is more resistant to wear and tear.

The oil partially repairs the effects of daily use on the floor. This is the traditional way of protecting wood. Regularly maintained (once or twice a year) oiled wooden flooring retains its natural warmth and fine appearance.

Several types of oil-based treatment exist: vegetable oils (these are often additive free and therefore eco-friendly); tinted oils, which permit a colored effect in a particular desired “color” to be obtained; and hard wax oils, which allow a more satin-like patina with greater surface opacity to be obtained.

Preparing the surface: Oiling or waxing is carried out in an empty room. If your wooden flooring is new, the only thing you need to do is sand it. Alternatively, if you are renovating an existing floor, there are additional measures to take:
- Fill in the cracks and holes with wood filler.
- Treat the wood to protect it against insects. Sanding the floor:- Always start from the center of the room and stay in line with the planks.
- Use extra-coarse sandpaper for the first sanding. Avoid the corners. Clean the dust up with a vacuum.
- Second sanding – medium sandpaper. Clean the flooring.
- Third sanding – fine sandpaper
- Finish the sanding with an angle sander (for the corners and edges).
- Clean the dust up using a vacuum + damp cloth and leave to dry. The wood needs to be completely clean and dry.

Applying the oil / wax:

Tip: if you have underfloor heating or your floor is exposed to dramatic temperature changes, it’s a good idea to apply a coat of primer, using a short-pile roller. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for the quantity to use and time taken to dry - Apply a first layer of oil using a brush (graining type) or a cloth.
- Polish using a circular movement (use a lint-free cotton cloth or a floor buffer and pad).
- If necessary, repeat the operation, lightly sanding the floor before applying the second coat of oil. Wait two hours before applying the second coat.
- Leave to dry for a minimum of 48 hrs. After oiling: - Do not walk on the surface for at least 48 hrs.
- Do not place a carpet or any other floor covering on the floor for at least one week (the time it will take to completely dry.

Maintenance: Once or twice a year, apply a coat of oil to the parts of the floor most often walked on following the same procedure.
Clean the floor with a broom or vacuum and use a damp cloth and cleaning/maintenance products designed for use on wooden floors.

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