Exotic wood or composite flooring: what to choose to create or renovate your terrace?

Enhancing element for outdoor spaces, terraces made of exotic wood or composite wood can create welcoming and comfortable living spaces.

Available in terrace planks or tiles, they are synonymous with resistance and longevity. While integrating into the existing environment, the installation of an exotic wood or composite wood terrace is easy and adapts to all surfaces.

A floor with these noble materials brings real more value to your property and makes your exterior a real living space. Exotic wood is a living, warm, aesthetic and ecological natural material. It is resistant to the test of time, requires little maintenance. Composite wood is made up of wood fibers and polymer (PVC, Polypropylene). 
Composite wood planks have many advantages: Its color doesn't change, easy to maintain, good value for money, rot-proof, a wide choice of colors and textures available. 
Exotic or composite wood terraces have a very low thermal conductivity and therefore keep a temperature pleasant to the touch.

These qualities therefore give it prominent importance for the creation or renovation of a terrace. Depending on your expectations, the 2 variants (exotic wood or composite wood) will perfectly adapt to all types of terraces: terrace adjoining a house, terrace by the pool and why not a roof terrace. Exotic wood is a living product evolving over time. The changes in shade of the wood are normal: under the effect of ultraviolet rays, the decking boards or gratings will take on a silvery gray tint. This modification does not affect the durability of your installation. Regarding the properties of composite wood terraces:

Respect the environment
Quality of the rendering against discoloration and stains.
Aesthetics due to the multitude of colors and decors.
Resistance to the wear of time
No special maintenance, only washing with water, the composite blades are rot-proof, very resistant to scratching and the harshest weather conditions. Decoplus Parquets to select a range of exotic wood and composite wood species that have obtained the CTB WPC DECKING certification, particularly resistant and suitable for outdoor use. The rules laid down by the FCBA, the Association Terrasse Bois and CSTB, and DTU 51.4 Platelages Extérieurs Bois should be observed.

Deck boards or tiles: Which one to choose?

Exterior parquet flooring comes in two forms: deck boards or tiles. Technically speaking, the two styles perform just as well as each other. Like with wood flooring, what will first guide your choice is the expected aesthetic effect, and then you’ll consider the support system on which you will install your outside floor.

Exotic wood deck boards

Rectangular wooden planks similar to parquet planks that can be screwed or clipped (no visible screw) depending on the desired rendering. The decking boards can have a smooth or ribbed surface. They are placed on a technical floor composed of joists (recommended gap: between 40 and 50 cm). If you have already opted for an indoor parquet, the terrace boards are the perfect extension of your floor.

Composite wood deck boards

Composed of wood fibers and polymer (PVC, Polypropylene), composite wood blades have many advantages. Does not discolor, easy to maintain, good value for money, rot-proof, a wide choice of colors and decors available. You will be sure to find the ideal material for your future terrace. We offer composite decking boards and coated decking boards from the TimberTech brand. Whether they are full or hollow, coated in a polymer layer on all 4 sides or not, you will find at Decoplus Parquets a blow on the composite that you need.

Exotic wooden gratings

Square tiles (often 500x500 mm) pre-assembled, made up of several spaced wooden strips and screwed on two or three rafters. The gratings are placed on an existing support, on joists or on level studs. The implementation can be easier than that of the decking boards. The gratings exist in several patterns. They give rhythm to the floor of your terrace.

Composite wooden gratings

Often of lower gauge (300 x 300 Mm), these slabs made of polypropylene are suitable for flat and resistant surfaces such as concrete, stone or wood. In terms of maintenance, this material requires very little attention and is cleaned with soapy water. With the gratings, you can easily dress your terrace or balcony. The grating can be cut to be adjusted to a particular shape such as a corner or a pillar. You can easily remove and replace the grating to clean underneath.

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