Which parquet should you choose for a humid room?

For all humid rooms, such as kitchens, bathrooms, WCs, and shower rooms, it is recommended that you use solid wood parquets made from exotic tropical woods: Bamboo, Ipé, Cumaru, Jatoba, Merbau, or Teak… These varieties come in a wide array of colors and give lots of character to bathrooms. These wood floors, made from wood that is naturally accustomed to humid climates, will not change their shape from coming in contact with water. As long as dimensions allow it, they must only be adhered directly to the floor support and/or on waterproof insulating material.

It is preferable to use oiled parquets. They will age naturally with water contact, and they won’t chip.

Tip: Plan on making a “ship’s deck” joint around the perimeter of the room, because it’s more resistant than a classic acrylic joint.

The use of oak in your wood flooring is not recommended because of the significant risk of expanding in humid environments.

Also important: Some laminate floors are also compatible with humid rooms.

Note: installing solid wood flooring may require the services of a professional parquet layer.

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