What is Laminate Flooring ?

What is Laminate Flooring ?

In contrast to solid wood flooring and engineered wooden flooring, laminate flooring is not classed as a type of wood flooring as no natural wood is used in its manufacture.

This type of flooring provides a more practical and less expensive way to achieve the appearance of a wooden floor.

Laminate Floor materials:

Laminate floors are sometimes called laminate wood floors, though they are wood only in two respects. First, the laminate floor base consists of pressed chipped wood particles. Second, the top has the appearance of real wood due to the accurate image layer—essentially a well-rendered photograph of wood encased in a clear, durable wear layer.


Laminate flooring consists of:

1 - an overlay (highly scratch-resistant resin)
2 - a decorative paper layer imitating the chosen wood
3 - an HDF inner core layer (moisture resistant)
4 - a stabilizing backing layer

A wide range of wood designs:

Laminate floors are available in an increasingly wide range of designs imitating the finishes of the most popular woods. Some kinds even reproduce the textures and irregularities of the natural wood. Laminate floors are very practical and hygienic: they stand up well to knocks and abrasions and are easy to clean. Though not as long-lasting as solid or engineered wooden floors, they are ideal for short or medium term applications. Prices are normally very affordable and these types of floors can be installed by practically anyone.What installation methods are used for laminate flooring?

What installation methods are used for laminate flooring?

As with engineered wooden flooring, floating installation is used with laminate flooring: the flooring strips are clipped together but lie free with respect to the laying surface. The floor is therefore not glued to the laying surface but floats on top of it, hence the term “floating installation”.

Any DIY enthusiast should be able to lay a floor using this method. It is also an easy and flexible way to lay over an existing floor-covering (plastic floorings, carpets, tiles, stone…). An insulating underlay is essential with this type of installation. Most kinds of laminate flooring are of the “click system” type, making installation easier and cheaper as it is not necessary to use any glue at all.

Note: laminate floors are suitable for use with underfloor heating when an appropriate underlay is used.

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