An Art Deco apartment in the Mideast of France

Rough oak sawn flooring

The owners of this apartment have opted for solid parquet in European raw wood. Stained, varnished or oiled, the raw wood parquet goes well with all interior styles, no matter the color of the walls and furniture.

An Art Deco apartment in the center of France

The rough oak sawn flooring comes in different neutral colors and matches with any interior designs.

The bay windows bring a lot of light to this very spacious living room, revealing the beauty of the oak sawn flooring.

The Nature is in your home…

Composed of 100% oak, it is an authentic and durable floor over a very long term ... In addition to acoustic comfort, solid parquet offers many advantages including total refurbishment after wear....

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90 TTC /m²

75 /m² + VAT

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