Prestige Wide Plank

Discover the Prestige Wide Plank collection, entirely handmade. Each board is worked by passionate craftsmen to reveal an absolutely unique character! . An oversized parquet that reveals all the beauty of wood in its purest form, for a grandiose and exclusive look.

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Discover our Prestige Wide Plank range and experiment our wooden floors in their purest and most original forms. This range of parquet floors made in the Netherlands is designed in close collaboration with international architects and designers. The boards of this collection are all unique and require a long and special hand manufacture and custom-made for a fabulous finish. Each plank is the result of a long and high-quality craftsmanship to create exclusive floors with a strong personality. Because we want to find the right solution for each project, Prestige Wide Plank floors are available in several XXL widths and can reach sizes 480mm wide and 4000mm long! This range of parquet can also be used as a doors or wall covering, a way to bring nature back home in a unique way and bring character to your home!


Décoplus Parquet pays a particular attention to the choice of its parquet floors by choosing raw materials from right forest management practices. It all starts with the selection of trees in FSC-certified forests®. These forests are divided into 30 parcels and only one parcel per year can be exploited, then the forest can recover afterwards. Our Prestige Wide Plank floors are FSC certified®, but also Cradle to Cradle ™ Bronze and CE, making the product particularly durable and ensures the highest quality. In our philosophy waste can be used and all resources are reused. More and more projects require FSC-certified wood floors® and Cradle to Cradle ™, which in this way contribute to creating a better and healthiest environment. Choosing our exceptional Prestige Wide Plank floors means meeting all your requirements... Nature is under your feet...