Parquet contrecollé chêne Basalte, parquet pas cher

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Offre : 1 m² acheté = le 2eme m² à 50%. La remise se calculera automatiquement sur votre panier.

Des finitions très travaillées pour retrouver l'esprit trendy des parquets anciens...

Ces parquets prêts à poser offrent tous les avantages d'un parquet en bois avec une installation accessible.

  • Lames largeur XXL
  • 4 mm de bois noble (couche d'usure)
  • Chanfreins vieillis martelés des 2 côtés
  • Compatible sols chauffants
  • Pose flottante sur sous-couche isolante ou collée sur sol

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99 /m² + VAT

€334.07 (VAT incl.) by volume discount 2.812 m²

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Exclusive Collection by Decoplus Parquet.

Vintage spirit and sophisticated finishes of parquet floors in the old style. A whole story under your feet ... at an affordable price!

Shaped and aged by hand, the parquet planks undergo many treatments: smoked, unstructured edges, planes, traces of wear, white lead, wax ... a whole combination of finishes offering a wide choice of shades and textures.

These engineered parquets, made of natural wood, offer all the advantages of a hardwood parquet with an easy installation. They fit with different styles of design and reflect today's trend.

Engineered European oak floors from eco-managed forests.

Data sheet

  • Packaging
  • Item unit
  • Type of parquet wood floor
  • Wood specie
  • Dimensions and sections
    OLD STORY 15/4 - 190M. Layered on a 9-layer multi-ply support. Width. 189 mm - Lengths. 1860 mm and 2 planks on variables lenghts - Thickness. 15 mm including 4 mm of noble wood (wear layer).
  • Blade width / Patterns
    16 - 20cm
  • Installation method
    Floating Glued-down laying, tongue and groove joints
  • Classification
    Passage élevé -Cl32 - AC4
  • Bevelled on the edges
    Planks bevelled
  • Wood appearance / Grade
    CD grade: Sapwood + Knots
  • Wear layer thickness
    4 mm
  • Compatible with underfloor heating
    Yes, if installed onto a suitable insulating underlay. (full glued down)
  • Suitable for humid rooms
  • Collection
  • Coating
  • Fire Resistance
  • Indoor air quality - VOC (EN 717-1)
  • Total width
    Width 19 cm
  • Total thickness
    15 mm
  • Total length
    Random lenghts
  • Guarantee
    30 years
  • Listed